In what possible universe would I say "Let's polka?" -Abby Lockhart

Carter: Looks like you followed my advice, Archie.
Morris: How's that?
Carter: You set the tone.
Six of the twenty-three names on the wall of name plaques are of producers, writers, directors, and a key make-up artist: L. Woodward, N. Baer, S. Gemmil, Salamunovich (for both M. and C.), B. Arrollo, and J. Orman.
Season 5 Episode 7: Hazed and Confused = During the scene where Mark calls Carter and Lucy into the lounge to work out their problems, Carter refers to Mark as "Tony." Mark is played by Anthony "Tony" Edwards.Fanfic2013-Kevin Moretti liks to host S&M parties and Kerry Weaver likes to watch.


"have the gates of death been shown to you? what is the way to the abode of light, and where does darkness reside?

have you comprehended the vast expanses of the earth? tell me, if you know all this.”

Best email I’ve had in a long time :)

Best email I’ve had in a long time :)

carter: say we find it. what are you gonna do, key it?
abby: no, maybe i’ll just slash the tires.

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The tears, they burn.

I’m watching this episode right now. If I stop it now will Lucy be alive? :(

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